Comedy Club Headliners This Week

  • Rich Aronovitch
    Rich Aronovitch
  • Meghan Hanley
    Meghan Hanley
  • James Mattern
    James Mattern
  • Matt Pavich
    Matt Pavich
  • Daniel Tirado
    Daniel Tirado
  • Nathan Macintosh
    Nathan Macintosh
  • Nimesh Patel
    Nimesh Patel
  • Eric Neumann
    Eric Neumann
  • Aaron Berg
    Aaron Berg
  • Luke Thayer
    Luke Thayer
  • Carole Montgomery
    Carole Montgomery
  • Mike Britt
    Mike Britt
  • Neko White
    Neko White
  • Andy Fiori
    Andy Fiori
  • Sheba Mason
    Sheba Mason
  • Dustin Chafin
    Dustin Chafin

Greenwich Village Comedy Club

If you’re searching for the hottest comedy club in Greenwich Village, look no further than Greenwich Village Comedy Club. Located conveniently on Macdougal Street off Bleeker, this comedy club is both affordable and entertaining. Weeknight admission is a mere $15 with a two-drink minimum; admission rises to only $20 on weekends. In the frenzy of comedy clubs in Greenwich Village, you won’t find a better price! more

Not only are we one of the most affordable comedy clubs in NYC, but we also offer superior headliners. Unlike other comedy clubs, our shows each feature four national headliners. Our lineups include the likes of Meghan Hanley, Angelo Lozado, Robyn Schall, Dustin Chafin, Mike Britt, Neko White, and more! Other Greenwich Village comedy clubs simply can’t compare.Celebrity Comics that have dropped by include Kevin Meaney,  Judah Freidlander, and  SNL’s Dean Edwards. At Greenwich Village Comedy Club, you’ll also be able to satiate your hunger. You canenjoy nachos, hot dogs, fries, pizza, and sliders. For those who are thirsty, we have one of the best selections of drinks that NYC comedy clubs offer, including imported beers and Coastal Vine premium wines.Not only does Greenwich Village Comedy Club offer quality entertainment, but our owner, Al Martin, also trains some of the top NYC standup comedy talent himself! At the New York Comedy School, you can learn the tips and tricks of the trade when it comes to working in a NYC standup comedy club. Chris Murphy, who has appeared on a myriad of comedy shows and has worked with Louie C.K., also teaches at the New York Comedy School! For those looking to make people laugh with standup comedy, the New York Comedy School is for you.Our New York comedy club also offers weekly open mics for those who want to bust their chops on the stage. Breaking into standup comedy can be challenging, but Greenwich Village Comedy Club wants to support local comics. Come on by and give it a shot; you might even get discovered! There are many comedy clubs in Greenwich Village to choose from, and the scene for standup comedy clubs in NYC is massive. If you’re looking for a fun night out at a relaxing comedy club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club is the place to go. The club is easy to access as it’s within walking distance from the West 4th St stop. When only the best standup comedy in NYC will do, make sure to come visit us at Greenwich Village Comedy Club!